Meeting of September 27, 2017

Posted by John Beal on Sep 28, 2017
Rotary meeting of September 27, 2017
Location: Trinity Church community room, Shelburne, Vermont
7:30 President Erik called meeting to order and led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance
Kris offered the Benediction
7:37 President Erik called the members to order:
Introduced our Guest Speaker Frank Cioffi of GBIC
Upcoming Events:
10/4 District Governor Eric Denu
10/11 Lindsay Longe, Camp ta Kum ta
10/18 Mike Lannen, Pres. Eternity Web
10/24 Board meeting
10/25 Shelburne Library update and then Club meeting
Current Business: New By Laws were approved by the Board and will be circulated to
club members electronically which begins the 10 days warning period before a club vote
at a regular meeting.
New Business: Alan Bates introduced a Baseball Pool and entries have to be in by
Monday. Contact Alan if you wish to participate. 50% of the money goes to the club.
Linda Gilbert reported the Charlotte Beach project is still in the design phase.
Carol Obuchowski: Announced a meeting of the Finance Committee for October 19th.
Steve Dates: Talked to the possibility of having the Friendship Exchange attend our
meeting on 10/4 when the District Governor is here. He will confirm the possibility and
coordinate with William fir the extra breakfast needs.
Richard Fox: The club should make a good show for the district governor.
1) Notice to Will (Blue Berry Pancakes)
2) Set up more banners and decorate tables (placemats?)
3) have some members bring some baked goods (4 Members volunteered)
Dave Rice announced he is soon relocating to Las Vegas. He has had great years with
the club. The Halloween Parade is in good hands with Richard Fox in control.
William will need 3 more tables set if the Friendship Exchange does attend William will
need at least a two day notice.
Christopher Davis: Acting as Sargent at Arms collected Happy Fines:
Chris 28th Anniversary and College Parents weekend
Charlie Thanks to Club for Lite Up The Night donations and support
Carol Late Fine
Bob Happy for Dave
Steve Rotary Exchange - Grand daughter U of Maine - Dave
Linda Feels like she is running an air B&b with all the family guests
Kris Dave
Susan Great trip to NYC
Jon Great driving tour with his 94 year old Mom
Jane Happy to be going to Foxboro to see Patriots trounce Panthers
Tod returned from 2 weeks in England and the Isle of Jersey
John happy to have Frankie as a guest (Dave’s dog)
Alan Dave
Dave Last meeting
Bill Not happy about Dave
Gary Frankie
Terry Happy the sun will be out today
Alan Happy
John Overslept and stood ip his loyal driver
Heather Happy about volunteering at the Harvest Festival
George Dave
Linda The new baseball pool
Richard Apple picking with youngest daughter
Frank For ‘Frankie” the bull dog and his grandson Frankie
Table X drew the winning ticket but is was a rollover: The pot is now approximately $385+/-
Speaker: George Schiavone introduced our speaker Frank Cioffi a graduate of UVM, past owner of
several businesses, past director of the Franklin County Industrial Corporation, licensed real
estate broker, past president of the Vermont Association of Realtors. served from ’95-’98 for
Howard dean as Commissioner of the State of Vermont Department of Economic Development
and Current president pdf the GBIC.
GBIC was started in 1954 by the Mayor of Burlington because of the lose of textile mills and the
need to focus on bringing new industry to Vermont.
They were responsible for IBM and now Global Foundries.
They are closely linked the the Lake Champlain Chamber of Commerce.
Rules: Keep business Competitive and Keep it here
Since 1080s The State leads the recruitment and GBIC is the closer
Frank is is involved in the importance of early education and pre k education. We graduate 7400
students from our high schools every year and 3000 completely fall out of the system. he
stresses the importance of Vermont’s need to grow education in the trades. There are 80 high
schools and only 17 Vocational centers.
Vermont does have 41000+/- college students and we have a strong focus on them.
The Air National Guard basically supports airport operations and Vermont needs the Air National
Guard program to keep the economically vibrant. If the F35s get based here we can basically
look at 40 years of continued support at Burlington National.
Frank touched on many more areas of how the GBIC supports growth and business. Please
take some time and visit the attached links.
The GBIC is instrumental in helping maintain and strengthen the economy in Vermont and
particularly Chittenden County.
Frank took questions and stayed after the meeting was adjourned.
Meeting adjourned: 8:30 AM