Meeting  of October 18, 2017

Posted by Irina Norrell on Oct 18, 2017
Notes from Rotary meeting 10/18/17
  1. Kick off meeting - Erik introduces today’s speaker Mike Lannen, president of Eternity firm.
  2. Update of our agenda for the rest of the year.
  3. Update about Halloween parade (to discuss further the details).
  4. Update about the new bylaws and a vote to approve them. Unanimously approved.
  5. Update on golf carts for the parade - we need a different source for gold carts. Members provided some ideas whom to talk to. Ric is going to talk to a few places to see if they can help us out.
  6. Erik asked the members to be on the lookout for emails regarding the parade and asked the members to respond accordingly.
  7. Erik shared that another idea discussed at the yesterday’s board meeting was including local businesses in the parade. Maybe not in this year’s parade, because it’s too late, but maybe next year. Erik asked any members that have any connections with local business to walk with us in the parade and see if anybody shows interest (for even this year’s parade) and if they do contact Judy or Richard.
  8. The article about the parade in the Shelburne News is coming in the next few days, Roz is in charge of it.
  9. Erik encouraged new members or members that don’t normally participate in the parade to do so.
  10. Some members volunteered to contact previous years’ participants in the parade and see if they are interested to do it again this year.
  11. New ideas of what to do for the next year’s parade in order to promote the Rotary in our community were exchanged. The reason being that many in our community are not even aware that the Halloween parade is organized by the Rotary as opposed by the town. We need to change that.
  12. Some of the members expressed the desire to make the parade more focused on the kids, instead of local businesses. And expressed their concerns about involving local businesses in the parade.
  13. Other members suggested to involved local non profit companies like Rec. Department, Boy Scouts, Library, etc.
  14. Next topic on the agenda was the visibility of the Rotary Club holding there parade and how to spread the word. Linda and Sally are working on coming up with a brochure that will have that info and we will distribute it throughout the community.
  15. Keith asked other members to bring pumpkins to the next meeting so they can use them to decorate the truck.
  16. George asked about the situation with the Fire House and is if everything has been coordinated with them. The answer to that questions is not clear and it was left to ask Richard about it.
  17. Erik shared his idea of working closer with BNI Shelburne. He found out that an NGO can be represented at the BNI and asked people to volunteer to go the BNI Shelburne meetings that take place on Thursday and see if other members share his idea about coordinating closer with BNI Shelburne.
  18. Ric asked about the newsletter and approval of new members. Erik has to follow up with Judy or John Beal and find out about the newsletter and new member approval.
  19. Because of lack of time it was decided to skip the happy findings and to go straight to the speaker.
  20. George introduced the speaker Mike Lannen the CEO of Eternity firm that builds websites. Check out their website for more info about what they do: