Meeting of May 17, 2017

Posted by Keith Walsh
5/17/17  Charlotte , Shelburne, Hinesburg Rotary Club Meeting Minutes
  • Judy opened the meeting with the pledge of allegiance.
  • Chris offered Celtic prayer w/ intentions for community and old friends.
  • Judy found a pack of lost tissues and searched for owner.
  • Judy declared this to be a work meeting. Future speakers will be Mike Como/Grocer, Tim Williams/LBMG, Bijou Chocolates, Douglas Sweets, Jamie Bissonette/Dutch Mill and Sara G.
  • Changing of the guard is June 14th, 2017 and Essex Golf Tournament is the same day. Rick announced two teams of eight people. The cost is $70.00 per person the club pays the other half of the entry fee. Tournament ends between 6:30pm – 8:00pm. The changing of the guard dinner starts at 7:00pm and we will be doing our own cooking. Salmon and Steak will be cooked and we are looking for grillers, please sign up if interested. Everyone else can bring pot luck, please sign up for a dish to bring to next meeting.
  • Judy missed car raffle dinner because she was grading papers and not because of her knee.
  • Club approved $500 for camp Takumpta, $500 to the Shelburne Community School Grant which affects the kids in all three areas, and approved a $500 donation to Alzheimer’s Association in memory of Denny as well as a $1000 donation to the Rotary Scholarship Association also in Denny’s honor.
  • Allen took names and money for the 50/50 raffle in regard to the Preakness race this Saturday which will also be of support for the dental program in Honduras. Good luck to everyone!
  • Rick thanked everyone for Friday’s successful car raffle dinner including set up crew, table decorations, table bussing, and door prize group. Special thanks to Ros for selling the last seven tickets, to Linda for back up, and to the members for the 2nd and 3rd balls sold the last days. Door prizes need to be in earlier for 2018. Receipts are not completed yet so we don’t know how much was made in total. Rick received a standing ovation in deepest gratitude for the phenomenal job he again performed for this successful event!
  • Rich was sergeant at arms for Happy Fines,
    • Happy List:
    • Sally – Grateful all my bulbs came up!
    • Charles – Great to be home!
    • Irina – Glad summer is finally here!
    • Jane – Happy I closed Monday on my sale of my office building on Webster Road.. Free at last!
    • Adam – Great weather!
    • Todd – Farmers Market begins May 27th in Shelburne!
    • Allen – Daughter graduated, all three girls together!
    • Susan – Beautiful Day!
    • Keith – Glad Ann Pardee sold her house to him!
    • Kris – Ann is here!
    • Fritz  - Ann Pardee for Mothers Day!
    • Linda – Ann!
    • Eric – Great weekend w/ raffle, farmers market and Mothers Day!
    • Judy – Grades are done, happy to be back!
    • Rick – Great raffle and over with, Nephew graduated University of PA, going to Turks and Caicos and for Ann Pardee!
    • Sam – Car raffle, had a ball thanks!
    • Terrell – Car raffle!
    • Linda – Car raffle!
    • Joan – First bike ride of the season today!
    • Ros – Happy Ann is here!
    • Lara – For Rick!
    • Judy C – For Rick and glad for no surgery yet!
  • Todd won the raffle but no joker/turnover.
  • Next week is Laras last week.
  • Need a volunteer to take Laras place for Presidents slot. Need someone to help us in a big way to take this job.
  • John Dupree has the work program to number the golf balls in the crates.
  • Three crates per table were numbered and golf ball numbering work program was completed.
  • John thanked everyone for an excellent job with the golf balls!
  • Ann Pardee presented a gift flag from the Berkley California Rotary Club.
  • Judy closed the meeting.
A couple of pictures from other meetings.
Speaker Kelly Devine and Trafton
New Member Sally Wadhams and Ric