Meeting of August 30, 2017

Posted by Heather Lynch on Aug 31, 2017
Charlotte Shelburne Hinesburg Rotary
Wednesday, August 30, 2017, 7:30 a.m.
Trinity Episcopal Church Community Room
Recorded by: Heather Lynch
Guests: Linda Barker, Jack McGuire (who won $250 for golf ball furthest from the hole), Bob Manchester
Upcoming Meetings:
Sept 6 – Bob George, Management Team
Sept 13 – Alan Miller – Standards-Based Learning and Coaching, Champlain Valley School District
Sept 20 – Club Assembly
Sept 27 – Frank Cioffi, President, Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation
Business: Judith Christensen, PhD.  2nd Paul Harris award
Steve Dates returned with a banner given to us during his Oregon Friendship visit
Community Service Projects:
Light the Night walk team name: CSHROTARY
walk is Friday 9/22
Shelburne Farms Harvest Festival 9/16
Parking volunteers needed for afternoon
Charlotte Senior Center BBQ was a success.  The center was very pleased with our performance. 
Halloween Parade 10/29
Planning begins now.  Please encourage all Rotarians to participate from all areas.  We will be planning a float. 
Charlotte Beach
Design is coming along.  More will be done after 9/16
Honduran Visit
The visit was a success.  The medical staff were able to participate in much needed training at the UVM Medical Center.
Happy Fines:
Jane McKnight- Happy that the Red Sox are in 1st place
Howard- Moved into a new house
Sally- Happy that her son, Sam, became engaged to wonderful Gina Macari last week
Richard Fox- Helen Lyons and great weekend in Boston
Keith Walsh- Happy for his girls who are starting the 4th grade today
Trafton- Happy to see six grandchildren this weekend
Ric- Scoot for 8am meeting in Essex
Judy- UVM started Monday!  There goes her free time...
Sam- Debbie will repel on Saturday for cancer
Jon Lowell- Looking forward to spending labor day at adorandac cabin
Charlie- Getting ready for a trip to Sisely
Heather- County fairs are just as great as a zoo
Jean- 37th Anniversary
Carol- Helen Lyons
Alan H- Just happy!
Bill- 4 days of classes at Middlebury
Terry Kennaugh- Fun bingy ride up at the LaPlatte river
Tod W- Happy for sunny Saturdays
Kris Engstrom- Audrey bates new employee at the Full Bloom
John Hammer- 52nd Anniversary, John Lowell who was everywhere at the Charlotte Senior Center and for departure of house guest after 10 days
Jessica Brunstead- Happy we have Linda who was with Hondoras visitors, happy to have brought Senetor Mazza and engineers to look at Bay road bridges
Steve Detes- Daughter's knee surgery, Rotary to Portland, OR
Jim Donovan- Happy to finally be back after an extended absence due to an interesting summer
Susan Grimes- Happy to have dropped off 2 children to college
Linda Gilbert- Happy for the 10 days with the H2HT medical team from Tela Hospital- very successful and wonderful welcome from UVM Medical Center
Helen Lyons, Opera Singer, Real Estate Agent
Helen Lyons discussed her life as a singer, beginning with her education and a career that lasted until she was 41 years old. 
An Opera singer is much like an athlete.  It is hard on the body to utilize one's voice to the degree necessary to perform.  It is also a very psychological art form as singing brings out emotion. 
Ms. Lyons noted that a singer's voice does not develop until one may be in their thirties.  When she was a student, she learned to find good teachers, who made a difference in her training.  A difficult period of time during the development of her career was when she needed surgery.  She was told by a doctor that perhaps her body was not cut out for singing.  Yet she went to Boston where she saw a specialist who said many singers get surgery and turn out fine!
Singing in another language is a good challenge for an Opera singer.  Most Opera singers should be knowledgeable of multiple languages.  Knowing the translation of the opera story is necessary because Opera is very dramatic.  Ms. Lyons spent time during her career working in Germany. 
By the time Ms. Lyons was 41 years old, she decided to return to Vermont to take a break from singing.  She met her husband and decided to make a change in her life.  She now utilizes her skills and talents to work in real estate.  She continues to sing in less competative venues. 
Ms. Lyons ended with a brief song.  Her performance was beautiful!  “The Night at the Opera” book was dedicated in her name.