Meeting of April 19, 2017


WELCOME. 7:30 am



    Judy announced the passing of Bruce Willis

2nd Bell 7:37


GUESTS:  Khifer O'Conner, Erin Casselman, Margo Casio, Al Gilbert, Dave Jonah, Dave and Fran Mount, Irina Norrell, Sally Wadhams



    4/26. Kevin Clayton, Village wine and coffee

    5/3. Kelly Devine. Exec director Burlington Business Associate

    5/10. Destination Imagination Teams

    5/17. Club meeting

    5/24. Mike Comeau. Grocer extraordinaire

    5/31. Tim Williams. Local boy makes good



    Car raffle. May 12- Ric Flood

    SCS projects Barbara Comeau



    Changing of the Guard.  June 14 th



    Happy fines: Joan L- good visit with stepfather 

                           Carol- has 2 year old granddaughter

                           John C- good to see everyone

                           Gary- fought a fire last Wed with Chris

                           Bill- happy to see visitors and Colleen

                           Judy- Hands to Honduras!

                           Ric- happy for Spring, two rides last weekend

                           Sam- Debbie Repeling project The Edge. Fund Me! $1000

                           Colleen- glad to be here

                           Erik- excellent and eventful Easter weekend

                           Khifer- Springtime in SHELBURNE

                           Linda B- Happy Citizens team is here

                           Jane- daughter expecting

                            Dr John- glad to hear about Hands to Honduras trip

                            Steve- happy to see Colleen and Dave and Fran Mount

                            Chris- happy to see Colleen

                            Linda- happy to see Colleen

                            Trafton- planted peas, scholarships in for Rotary

                             Judy C- happy to hear about TELA

                             Linda G- happy to see visitors and so many people this morning


Dr John had the winning ticket this morning



1) Lindsay Going Swaim- PARTNERS IN ADVENTURE.  SHELBURNE Farms 802 425-2638.  Is an inclusive day camp and life skills experience partnering young people with diverse abilities. Debbie Lamden is the President and started the program. Started a two week pilot program 18 years ago and has expanded program for summer and winter. They have fully adaptive sailboats, horseback riding, zip Line! If over 16 you can be a volunteer and do all the activities. They are adding programs all the time. Contact:

2) Linda Gilbert presented for Hands to Honduras

    Rotarians who have gone are: Allen Bates, John Hammer, Sam Feitelburg, Charlie Kaufman, Susan Grimes, Keith Walsh, Dave and Fran Mount, Dave Jonah

    PROGRAM has been in existence for 13 years and acknowledges partnerships with several local businesses: Citizens Bank, Shelburne farms, UVM Medical center, Free Press and in Honduras there is coordination with the Mayor of Tela, Hotel Sherwood, Ministry of Health, Tela hospital, Red Cross, Fire and Police department and materials companies.

    Linda says there are many groups that go down and never finish projects or come back. Hands to Honduras over the years has completed many projects! There were 47 volunteers this year.  We go for the children. Each project is carefully selected to ensure successful completion. This year Evan Webster helped with color choice of the T- shirts.

    We work with the TELA American school students. 10 th and 11 th grade student volunteers. They help with translation and projects. Many are interested in medical careers.

    Tela population is about 170,000. It is the second largest department in land mass.

    MATERNAL CHILD HEALTH PROJECT- at the Tela hospital 2010-2018. Includes the Hogar materno: Dr Alvaringa helps coordinate . Nearly all the woman have their babies at the hospital and before they were not able to go into the hospital until 6 cm dilated. Had to wait outside. H2H built the Hogar with 6 beds and so far 2600 women have been here.

    SALA NEONATOLOGIA- 2015-2016. Holds 25 babies. Before the H2HNICU was built it could only hold 4. Hood chambers were brought down in 2016 . 

    NEW MOTHER EDUCATIONAL CENTER- before there was no place for doctors to consult with new mothers Dr Roberto Garcia suggested an area and a TV, VCR and educational DVD's in Spanish can be viewed here. Even has air conditioning.

    NURSE/DOCTOR EXCHANGE- first two NICU nurses spent one week at UVM NICU in Feb 2016. August 2017 two pediatricians and NICU nurse coming.

    RENOVATION OF FOUR PEDIATRIC ROOMS- substandard conditions. Pam Stuart designed wall murals. Wall repairs, painting and mural design was done.

    MEDICAL/ DENTAL BRIGADES- Dr Sue Shane and Dr Alvaringa headed pediatrics. There was Women's health, Dental with fluoride clinics, Audiology, Dermatology and Vision.

    Tom Candon did 4 CPR workshops for fire, police and municipality departments. Mannequinsdonated by Shelburne Rescue and were left for the Red Cross.

    Sam Feitelburg worked with rehabilitation clinics

    Pam Bevins worked with local veterinarian and observed what their spaying program was.

    Two classrooms, latrines were built at Tres de October school 38 new desks

    La Grant school sits at top of a mountain is getting a new second classroom.

    Tres de Mayo- painting and a new table for food prep

    Fluoride clinic at 6 schools

    Art classes

    Eight scholarships were given and four " books only" scholarships were given. This is headed by Fran Mount

    Gave out 700 hand knit hats, glasses, toiletries, toddler clothes

    " At the end of the day we are all the same"


    Dave Mount presented a $4000 check for H2H project. He has gone 10 times to TELA.

   At the Christmas party we will be bringing in items to be donated to H2H project.